Playing with cream while the wife is away

The guy has been happily married for a while - and yet you will see why Andi was his friend. Family friend so to say, but you know it was just a facade! He's been having hots for this incredibly curvaceous brunette for years. Once Andi came around to help his wife with a cake. They made some cream first and the wifey tasted a bit from Andi's hands. Turned out they were missing some ingredients, so the wife went shopping. Andi got incredibly horny, started smearing cream all over her jugs - and ended up doing the husband who came to check on the cake! And then the wife returned...



Are you an admirer of cute chubby gals and sweet, generous BBW hotties? Of course you are! Would you cheat on your wife with such a gal if your wife was a crazy skinny bitch? Of course you would! Here at BBW Secret, we explore secret sexual escapades of hapless hubbies who get some BBW hanky-panky on the side - and get busted by their mad skinny wives! Bigger is just better, no doubt about that! And we got it all in HD!


BBW sex, cheating and forbidden lust have never been closer together! BBW Secret reveals the deepest hidden secrets of plump-obsessed husbands who were unlucky enough to marry a skinny bitch. The guys get some BBW action on the side – and get busted!

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